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Dates Expired Jan 31, 2007
Note Registration required. Valid for members residing in the U.S. or Canada.

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Earning miles is a great adventure with the MileSafari Promotion!

Register for the most rewarding promotion yet - MileSafari. Complete any of up to 20 different travel or partner activities and earn points. At the end of the promotion, the points you earn will automatically be converted to Bonus Miles. You can earn between 500 and 100,000 WorldPerks® Bonus Miles! Pack your bags and get started on Northwest Airlines® newest promotion – MileSafari.

Plus, the top point earner will receive an exciting African Safari (or your choice of a trip to New York City, Hawaii, Paris or Mexico)! This trip will be administered by Carlson Travel Group. If you are one of the top point earners in your WorldPerks Tier, you will also receive a valuable prize.

Just register prior to commencing activities and no later than December 31, 2006. Then you have between September 13, 2006 and January 31, 2007 to complete as many activities as you can – what an adventure!

It's easy to earn points:

Read the complete terms and conditions.
Register above for MileSafari.
Print the confirmation page.
Complete any or all of a variety of travel and WorldPerks partner activities.
Be one of the top five point earners in each WorldPerks Tier and earn a valuable prize.

Earning thousands of Bonus Miles is easy: You must be a WorldPerks member residing in the US50 or Canada to participate in this promotion. If you are not already an existing WorldPerks member, visit us at www.nwa.com to enroll and receive your WorldPerks account number. There is no cost to join. To participate in this promotion, you must also agree to receive valuable e-mails from Northwest Airlines through January 31, 2007.

Register for MileSafari online at www.nwa.com/offers/milesafari. Use your WorldPerks account number to register. A confirmation page will be displayed when registration is complete. Print this page for your records.

You must register for this promotion at nwa.com prior to commencing any qualifying activity but not later than December 31, 2006.

Visit nwa.com for complete information and links to all qualifying activities. Make your qualifying flight reservations at www.nwa.com, call Northwest Reservations at 1-800-225-2525 or contact your travel professional. All qualifying activities must be completed after registration and between September 13, 2006 and January 31, 2007.

Points will automatically be converted to Bonus Miles and posted to WorldPerks members’ accounts six to eight weeks after completion of promotion. Promotion ends January 31, 2007. You can check your point totals at any time by viewing My Promo Status on nwa.com.

MileSafari Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

1. This offer is valid only for WorldPerks members whose WorldPerks mailing address is in the 50 United States or Canada.
2. THIS OFFER IS NOT RETROACTIVE. WorldPerks members must register at nwa.com for this promotion prior to commencing any qualifying activity but not later than December 31, 2006. To register for this promotion you must also register to receive NWA E-mail through January 31, 2007. The WorldPerks account number registered for the promotion must be used when completing any qualifying activities for points.
3. Qualifying activity must occur after registration and between September 13, 2006 and January 31, 2007. Qualifying activities, such as flights, are eligible for unlimited points during the promotion, unless otherwise noted.
4. Members must use WorldPerks number on qualifying trip and earn WorldPerks miles to earn flight travel activity points. Bonus Miles are in addition to your regular credited flight miles, Elite tier Bonus Miles, and miles offered by WorldPerks partners. Bonus Miles from this promotion do not count toward Elite status qualification.
5. Qualifying travel (roundtrip or one-way) must be on a paid, published fare ticket on Northwest-, Northwest Airlink- or KLM/Air France-operated flights. Valid flights are Northwest-operated flights 1-1999, Northwest-KLM flights 8200-8849, KLM flights 1000-1999, Northwest flights 2700-2799 and 3000-3679 operated by Mesaba Airlines, 2800-2999, 3700-3799, 4700-4799 and 5600-5999 operated by Pinnacle Airlines. If part of your itinerary is on another airline, your travel on Northwest or KLM / Air France will not qualify for this promotion. One-way travel will be eligible for 50% of the roundtrip Bonus Mile total indicated on the 'Qualifying Activities' table. Qualifying flights with multiple booking classes per one-way flight will earn Bonus Miles based on the booking class of the longest segment of each one-way flight. Any qualifying roundtrips that commence prior to September 13, 2006, with a return date during the promotion period or a qualifying roundtrip that commences prior to January 31, 2007, with a return date outside of the promotion period will be awarded 50% of the roundtrip Bonus Miles miles as long as registration takes place prior to the qualifying flight that is within the promotion period.
6. Qualifying travel will be eligible for Bonus Miles regardless of the purchase date of the ticket as long as registration is completed prior to travel.
7. Bonus Miles earned from travel vary by booking class, as determined by the `Qualifying Activities' table. To determine booking class, please visit www.nwa.com/worldperks/farebasis.shtml or ask your Northwest Reservations agent or travel professional.
8. Bonus Miles for WorldClubs membership will only be awarded for new one-year WorldClubs memberships. New three-year, lifetime and spouse memberships are not eligible for Bonus Miles. WorldClubs membership renewals do not qualify for Bonus Miles. A maximum of one new one-year WorldClubs membership per WorldPerks account qualifies for Bonus Miles. Membership in WorldClubs is open to all persons age 21 or older. Guests under 21 must be accompanied by an adult. Membership fees are non-refundable, and memberships are non-transferable.
9. Purchase an NWA WorldVacations air and hotel package by January 15, 2007, and complete travel by January 31, 2007, to qualify for Bonus Miles. WorldVacations air and hotel package must be purchased via www.nwaworldvacations.com, through WorldVacations at 1-800-800-1504, or through your travel agent, and is not valid if purchased through Northwest Airlines. Bonus Miles earned from the air portion of package vary by booking class, as determined by the `Qualifying Activities' table. WorldVacations programs and availability may vary and blackout dates may apply.
10. Bonus Miles for signing up for the WorldPerks Visa Card will be awarded only to new WorldPerks Visa Card accounts (Platinum/Signature/Business). Existing and previous Cardmembers do not qualify. Members must pay the annual fee for a WorldPerks Visa Card to qualify. All other WorldPerks Visa Cards do not count as a qualifying activity. One qualifying activity per credit card account (as defined by a unique card number) will be awarded Bonus Miles. Only WorldPerks members whose mailing address is in the 50 United States are eligible to sign up for the WorldPerks Visa Card. The creditor and issuer of the WorldPerks Visa Credit Card is U.S. Bank National Association ND.
11. WorldPerks Visa applications must be submitted, approved and the annual fee paid after promotion registration but not later than January 31, 2007. Applications submitted but not approved do not qualify for Bonus Miles. Please allow 10 business days from date of application for approval by partner. WorldPerks will use the approval date received from the partner (as indicated by the transaction date used when posting Enrollment Bonus Miles to a WorldPerks account) to determine if the application was approved within the promotional period. Bonus Miles earned are in addition to any Partner Enrollment Bonus Miles.
12. To receive points for purchases through the WorldPerks Mall, spend at least $50 on one given item, excluding taxes, shipping and handling charges. Points are only awarded for online purchases through the WorldPerks Mall at nwa.com/mall. The transaction date on merchandise purchased will be the date that the item is shipped and your credit card is charged; this date must be after registration but not later than January 31, 2007. Given some items may be on back order, Northwest Airlines recommends making your WorldPerks Mall purchases early in the Promotional Period to ensure you receive credit for your transactions. Points can be earned for multiple online purchases (for example, 5 points may be earned from different purchases with the same WorldPerks Mall Partner, or from purchases from different WorldPerks Mall Partners, as long as at least one item in each purchase is over $50). Bonus Miles will not be awarded for the purchase of gift certificates at any WorldPerks Mall merchant except for GiftCertificates.com. Points will only be awarded for the first 100 purchases.
13. To receive points with participating WorldPerks hotel and/or car rental partners, member must earn WorldPerks miles for each hotel stay or for each car rental. Members must choose WorldPerks miles as preferred earning alliance in hotel or car rental programs that require membership prior to check-in to automatically earn miles. Minimum two (2) day car rental required in order to qualify. Points can be earned from hotel stays and car rentals - either for multiple stays/rentals at the same hotel/car rental partner or for stays/rentals at different hotels/car rental partners. All qualifying hotel stays and car rentals must be after registration and during the promotional period. Northwest will use the transaction date received from the hotel or car rental partner to determine if the transaction qualifies. Hotel loyalty points converted to WorldPerks miles do not qualify for Bonus Miles. Northwest is not responsible for partner posting delays. All participating partners' program terms and conditions apply. Points will only be awarded for the first 100 hotel stays and the first 100 2-day car rentals.
14. Points for registering for My NWA Info will be awarded only to the first e-mail address registered per WorldPerks member. Only new My NWA Info accounts will qualify. Members who are registered for My NWA Info as of September 13, 2006 will not qualify. WorldPerks members must sign up and continue to receive flight notification (not just promotional e-mails) through January 31, 2007 to qualify.
15. Flights booked and tickets issued at nwa.com for paid or award travel qualify for points. Flights must be booked and ticketed at nwa.com after registration in this promotion but no later than January 31, 2007 to qualify for points. Each confirmation number represents one reservation, regardless of the number of people on the reservation. Only flight reservations made on nwa.com and flown by the WorldPerks member registered for this promotion qualify for points. You must have a United States or Canada mailing address to book Award Travel Reservations on nwa.com.
16. All Northwest Self-service Check-in transactions completed after registration in the promotion and between September 13, 2006 and January 31, 2007 qualify for points; including check-ins for flight reservations made prior to promotion. Checking in at nwa.com for paid or award travel reservations qualifies. Points will be awarded only once for an entire one-way trip. Points will only be awarded for the first 100 check-ins.
17. AirCares donations need to be for 5,000 WorldPerks miles per transaction. Points will only be awarded for the first 100 donations.
18. This offer may not be combined with any other multi-activity offers or activities. Only those activities included in the 'Qualifying Activities' table qualify for points. Members are not eligible to qualify for multiple WorldPerks flight offers with the same roundtrip.
19. Each WorldPerks member can earn a maximum of 100,000 Bonus Miles during this promotion. Bonus Miles determined to have been earned in error will be revoked. Posting of awarded miles is the responsibility of NWA. All mileage and subsequent awards must be earned and used according to the terms and conditions of the WorldPerks program.
20. Northwest Airlines is not responsible for any malfunctions associated with the web registration process that result in late registration or incomplete information.
21. Additional restrictions may apply; see nwa.com.
22. Northwest is the final authority on interpretation of these rules.

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